Taylor Construction Industries is a licensed, bonded and reputable general contracting company based in the North San Diego County and Southwest Riverside County.  We are an Angie's List and Yelp top rated contracting company offering services in all areas of residential, commercial and Government Contracting.  We provide experience, professionalism and competitive pricing to every building project, with an emphasis on quality workmanship.

Our job is to coordinate with owners and developers to get their project completed on time and within budget. We understand that for our clients everything hinges on time and cash flow . We take a hands-on approach to every project and work with our clients so the project can be completed on time without ever sacrificing quality.

The biggest challenge in our job:
My greatest challenge is not finding a client or choosing the right project.  My greatest challenge is convincing the client that my company is the right company for the job and then educating the client on the differences between the lowest initial bid and the lowest overall cost. 
Most people tend to shop their project around to many contractors looking for a great deal at a bargain price. At the end of the process, they seem to have achieved that goal. Unfortunately, this sense of accomplishment is often short-lived and the bitter reality becomes apparent, when the low bid contractor abandons the job, leaving behind unfinished work, causing further delays with a substantial loss of time and revenue to the client.
I am looking for the client who can see the value in a negotiated approach to their construction needs.  A client who can appreciate cost competitiveness and will select a reputable contractor with knowledge, experience and integrity and not solely on the lowest overall bid.

The most satisfying part of my job:
The most satisfying part of my job, is the job.  The sense of accomplishment achieved through hard work dedication and years of experience and
 the excitement of working on a new project with a new client while meeting new challenges, is always satisfying.

                                                                         "Quality Workmanship through Knowledge, Experience and Integrity"

Proudly serving in the U.S. NAVY since 1996.
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  Knowledge, Experience, Integrity
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