Current Home Project / Destroyed By Fire
Front of House
Living Room
Back of  House
  This home is located in Menifee, CA. The home was involved in a fire which started in the garage and spread through the house via the attic. The house was built in 1984, and during that time it was not required to have a firewall between the garage attic and the house attic.  As a result the interior of the home suffered major damage resulting in a complete demolition of the home interior. Most of the garage has to be completely removed including half of the garage foundation. Estimate time frame to demo and rebuild is approx. 6 months. It is important to understand that the strict codes and regulations implemented throughout the years in the building industry have drastically decresed structure loss as well as human fatilities. Other aspects that should be taken into consideration when building or rebuilding is too hire a contractor with extensive knowledge in all aspects of construction, building codes and regulations. A contractor with knowledge, experience and integrity will never use sub standard materials or sacrifice safety to achieve monetary gain. With today's building standards, this same situation would have resulted in minimal damage confined to the garage area.
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